Friday, April 24, 2009

Recommended bid procedures Part 3

2. Advertisement for bids

The Issue: Should a bid be advertised? If so, what information should be included in the advertisement?

Discussion: A typical bid advertisement is issued prior to the issuance of bid documents for the purpose of attracting prospective bidders. It may be mailed to individual firms, published in an appropriate newspaper or magazine of general circulation in the construction industry, and/or posted in plan rooms.

Recommendations: A bid advertisement should:

1. Be circulated sufficiently in advance of the distribution of bidding documents to allow prospective bidders to include the project in their respective bid calendars. The minimum advance notice should be 30 days prior to bid document issue.

2. Contain a short description of the project including bid date, time, approximate contract amount, approximate size (or capacity), project location, licensing requirements, and bid and performance and payment bond requirements.

3. Be circulated to both individual Prime and major Subcontractor and Material Supplier prospective bidders, published in construction oriented magazines and newspapers, and posted in plan rooms.

4. State date of document availability, location to obtain documents, and deposit and refund provisions.

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