Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earthwork specification part 1


1.1 Notice of Commencement
The Contractor shall give at least seven days written notice of his intention to commence earthworks on any part of the site ans shall furnish the Engineer with all ground levels and other particulars he may require for the purpose of carrying out measurements.
Earthworks shall not be commenced until written approval has been received by the Contractor from the Engineer.

1.2. Soil Investigation Reports
The Employer has carried out soil investigations in each town. Soil investigation reports are available for inspection during the Bidding period in the offices of the Employer. The Contractor shall take all such additional steps that he considers necessary to familiarise himself with the surface and subsurface conditions at the site.
Soil investigation data is furnished for information only and it shall be expressly understood the Employer will not be held responsible for any interpretations or conclutions drawn therefrom by the Contractor. If during construction the soil conditions prove to deviate from those set out in the soil investigation data so that an effect may or will be experienced on the work, the Contractor shall immediately inform the Engineer.

1.3. Earthworks to lines and levels
The whole of the earthworks for the Works shall be carried out to the required dimension and levels.
For the purpose of the Specification, the term "ground level" shall refer to the ground surface before the start of earthwork operation, but after the operations of site clearance. The expression “formation level” where used in the Specification shall mean the excavated foundation level of the structure concerned including the level at the top of blinding concrete.

1.4. Borrow area
It is the Contractor’s responsibility to locate the borrow areas for all kind of materials and obtaining, transporting and placing them when needed for the execution of the Works. The Contractor shall obtain the approval of the Engineer for the areas as well as for the materials he proposes to use.
Fill material for incorporation in the Works shall be obtained from approved borrow areas after the completion of any tests to confirm the suitability of the material.
On completion of excavation, the Contractor shall trim, grade and leave the borrow area in a tidy condition and shall carry out any further earthworks necessary to prevent accumulation of water in the area.

1.5. Disposal of surplus excavated material
The Contractor shall be responsible for negotiating and securing suitable areas for disposal of surplus excavated materials and shall pay any fees or other payments associated with such disposal.
In connection with the disposal of excess spoils, the Contractor shall be responsible for the following during the Contract period:
a)Upgrading the strength and the quality of the existing access road(s) and maintaining the same in good order and final reinstatement.
b)Keeping vehicles clean when leaving the tipping area(s) and to ensure they do not contaminate public roads.

1.6. Samples and testing
Materials proposed for use during construction shall be tested on site in accordance with the procedures as prescribed in BS 1377 to determine its characteristics and suitability. The Contractor shall perform the following material tests and obtain the Engineer’s approval prior to the use of materials:
a)Determination of field compaction of excavated or imported fill, and determination of optimum dry density.
b)Grading tests for granular and other fill.
The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer for approval samples of each types of filling to be used in the works.