Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earthwork specification part 2

2. Excavations

2.1. Excavation Method Statement
The Contractor shall prepare a method statement of his proposal for earthworks operation for each particular part of the Works to be constructed at any one time, detailing the location, programme of excavation, temporary supports and the placing and handling of the spoil.
The Contractor shall submit of the Engineer’s approval his proposed method statement at least twenty eight days before his intended date to commence earthworks on each particular part of the Works.

2.2. Trial holes
The Contractor shall excavate any trial holes he may require to determine the position of underground services, sub-soil drains or for any other reason. The Contractor shall arrange for the refilling and reinstatement of trial holes to be carried out immediately the required information is obtained. The reinstatement of the surfaces of trial holes shall be carried out to the approval of the Engineer.

2.3. Extent of Excavations
Earthworks shall comply with BS 6031.
The extent of excavations shall be the minimum necessary or practicable in the opinion of the Engineer for the construction of the Works.
The construction of open trenches shall, at any one time, be limited to lengths previously approved by the Engineer. Work on each approved length shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Engineer before work on any new length is commenced.
Trench widths shall be as shown on the drawings.
No excavations with battered sides will be permitted in public highways, private gardens or within 3 meters of any building or other structure.

2.4. Stripping of topsoil
Topsoil shall be stripped from the whole or part of the Site to a depth of 250 millimeters and set aside for re-use as a separate operation prior to any further excavation, which may be required.
Topsoil shall include any surface material capable of supporting vegetation and suitable for use in soiling areas to be grassed or cultivated.
The Contractor shall not dispose of surplus topsoil without the permission of the Engineer.