Friday, May 15, 2009

Site preparation, Environmental Protection and Landscaping Part 1

1. Clearance of Sites

The Contractor shall clear the reservation widths for pipelines and the sites of structures free of all vegetation, including trees up to 0.50 m girth measured 1.00 m above ground level, and all superfirical obstacles such as road surface, kerbs, bricks, rubbish and/or other objectionable matter.

Where required the Contractor shall also clear the sites of trees over 0.5 girth. Buildings and/or structures.
The extent of Contractor’s clearing and grubbing operations shall be the minimum practicably necessary for the construction of the Works.


Trees and/or other vegetations designated for preservation shall be kept free from clearing operation and be protected from injury during execution of the Works.

3.Road furniture

Unless otherwise directed by the Engineer the Contractor shall remove and re-install any road furniture (such as street lighting, traffic signs or traffic lights) that has to be removed during the progress of the Works. The cost of this work shall be deemed to be included in the Contractor’s bid.
Installation of the road furniture shall take place at its original location, in a condition at least equal to that prior to removal and as soon as practicable after the completion of pipe laying at a particular location.

Remnants of vegetation, including trees, stumps and roots, shall be disposed off site by the Contractor.

No blasting shall be carried out without the written approval of the Engineer.
When necessary, blasting for clearing boulders and/or rock masses will be permitted only on written approval of the Engineer and when proper precautions are taken for the protection of all persons, the Works and public and private properties.
Blasting shall be carried out in a controlled manner and to the required depth, amount and extent necessary and only with explosives of such quantity and strength and in such locations as will not structurally damage the material to be blasted outside the prescribed limits. Any damage to the Works or properties arising from the blasting shall be repaired by the Contractor to conform to the condition existing prior to damage.
Before any blasting is carried out, the Contractor shall ensure that adequate measures that are necessary for the safety and protection of persons and property against injury or damage had been provided and warning signs and signals had been installed, all to the satisfaction of the Engineer and other authorities concerned with safety and public order.
Explosives and detonating caps shall be stored, handled and used in accordance with Statutory Regulations and national guidelines. Only qualified and authorised personnel shall held and use explosives.

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